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The customisable ribbon in Excel (Office 2010)

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The customisable ribbon in Excel (Office 2010)

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This is a master stroke. Everyone uses Word, Excel, et al in their own way. Some barely touch the commands, but may dip in and out of the most advanced functions in the programs – the kind of things that wouldn't make it in to the tabs, but are vital to the way you work.

Now you can create your own tabs and put whatever you like in them. If your primary task in Excel is to analyse data, create a data analysis tab with PivotTables and the like brought to the fore. Perhaps you want a tab to use at home and another at work. Maybe you’ve recorded a number of macros and want to have them sitting on a Ribbon rather than use shortcuts.


Taken from PC Pro magazine.

For more on Office 2010 you can view and download the full PC Pro publication below.

PC Pro - Office 2010
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