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MLS use Azure to further their business

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MLS use Azure to further their business

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MLS supply library management products to thousands of schools and colleges in the UK.  By providing engaging and fun software, MLS products capture students’ imaginations, creating an enjoyable learning experience and drive up literacy rates.


Discovery has recently been upgraded to run on Windows Azure, Microsoft’s Cloud platform, and supplies bibliographic data and images for over 9 million books. This allows students to find out information such as a book summaries, author information, and details of any awards the book had won.

MLS found that their old Discovery services encountered high demand during term time, but suffered a lag during school holidays; however, their costs did not change to reflect this. Upon moving their systems to Azure, their costs now reflect demand and they have experienced increased speed, cost savings and they were able to scale up the system due to Azure’s global data centres, all combining to improve their customer experience.

Based on the success of their Discovery product, MLS are now looking to create Reading Cloud, an online social network designed specifically for literacy.

For more information, see Steve Phillips, the CTO of MLS, talking about what they can offer your school.

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