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April, 2013

  • Microsoft UK Schools blog

    What’s new to Microsoft Education?



    We believe in anytime, anywhere learning. We also believe your achievements should be recognised so that you can share your accomplishments and knowledge with your colleagues and communities. That’s why Microsoft Education awards badges for the skills and knowledge that are learned and shared through our online professional learning community, in our in-person events, and in school communities around the world.


    Help your students build the skills they need for the future—such as problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity—with Microsoft Partners in Learning. You’ll meet other innovative teachers for collaboration opportunities, get access to free teacher resources, and learn about great ways to improve your personal teaching practice using technology. Sign up for FREE today at:

    Get going and start earning these badges NOW:

    image Windows in the Classroom:

    Watch the Windows in the Classroom online seminar and complete the online survey.


    Teaching with Technology:

    Complete all six Teaching with Technology courses.


    Microsoft Innovative Educator:

    Upload 5 learning activities to the site.

    image Social Media and Communities:
    * Facilitate, participate and share your experience in one area of interest from the Hot Topics section.
    * Write one blog post to be submitted to the Microsoft Schools blog on Teaching and Learning: Sharing activities/ projects where you have used Microsoft Technology in the classroom.



    Next steps: Once you have earned the above badges please visit 'Become a Expert Educator' on  to find out to become a MIEE.

    You can find out more about the range of programmes Microsoft Education has to offer teachers through our Partners in Learning Network. Join for free at www.pil-network.comPil header
  • Microsoft UK Schools blog

    Windows 8 in education: Student Demos - Elizabeth


    In the 3rd in our series of Windows 8 student demo videos, Elizabeth shares some insight into how she carries out research using the unique characteristics of Windows 8.

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