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Windows 8.1 in Education: Showcase Video

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Windows 8.1 in Education: Showcase Video

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Great new video showcasing some of the awesome new features within Windows 8.1 and the wide range of PC’s that they run on.

This video is a great complement to the Windows 8.1 in Education Infographic we shared recently. In case you missed it, the full infographic can be viewed/downloaded below.

  • Sorry guys - but all I see in this video is a compendium of visual tricks.  Nothing whatsoever that relates to the range of educational applications shown in the infographic (which I like, by the way)

  • Hi Walter,

    Glad you like the infographic! We are actually working on some more edu focused videos and will share via the blog over the coming months. Should have something before BETT.

    Thanks for reading our blog!


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