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Tablets in Education: Deploying Windows RT 8.1

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Tablets in Education: Deploying Windows RT 8.1

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Surface and similar Windows RT 8.1 devices are great for students and educators: They are ultraportable, sturdy, and inexpensive. Students can use Windows RT devices to watch videos, write reports, and collaborate on group projects. Surface even has a built-in kickstand and integrated keyboard, allowing users to learn and teach the way they want.

The deployment guide that can be viewed/downloaded below, describes how schools can effectively deploy Windows RT devices.

It can help institutions choose the right type of user account and to automate much of the configuration process. It also provides a selection of sample Windows PowerShell scripts for both shared and one-to-one scenarios that schools can then customise and extend to automate their device configuration.

At the BETT Show last week, we had a few people ask about deploying Windows RT 8.1 so, in addition to this guide, we will look to post some additional content around this topic over the coming weeks and months.

Let us know if there is anything specific you need us to address for you.

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