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  • Blog Post: Keeping your family safer with Windows 8

    One of the intrinsic capabilities of Windows 8 is the ability to use multiple accounts on any PC. This makes it much easier for parents to use tools that can help protect their children from content on the Internet as they see fit. It is also a great way for each family member to maintain their own unique...
  • Blog Post: New IE9 CEOP browser increasing internet safety for families

    With the numbers of young adults and children using the internet expanding, and with more families with access to the internet in their homes, keeping children and young adults safer online is more than ever important. Did you know that 26% of children use social network sites such as FaceBook or Moshi...
  • Blog Post: Safer Internet Day with CEOP - Free online safety resources and training programmes

    Yesterday saw Safer Internet Day 2012 (SID) with CEOP . This has taken months of planning from the CEOP team who have worked continuously to ensure that, whilst your children are using the internet to complete homework, play games to relax or chat to friends through social networks, parents and teachers...
  • Blog Post: Safety Internet Day - raising awareness with the BBC and CEOP

    The BBC’s Share Take Care campaign is part of its commitment to media literacy and online safety for young people. Working in partnership with The UK Safer Internet Centre to support Safer Internet Day (SID), (tweet #SID2012) the BBC’s campaign aims to raise awareness of the issues around safeguarding...
  • Blog Post: Safety online–how much do you parents know?

    With technology continuing to grow and the fact that children and young adults use the internet everyday, whether it be in the classroom, at home getting their homework done before dinner or chatting to their mates whilst playing the latest game, the question has to be asked, do they know and understand...
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