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  • Blog Post: How does Kinect Sports support the curriculum?

    The best way to think about how to link Kinect Sports to the curriculum is to approach the title in a completely different way. Instead of thinking about a ‘computer game’ consider how sport can be used as a context for cross-curricular work or how could you use data generated in the game...
  • Blog Post: Brandon Generator

    Powered by HTML5, the Windows Internet Explorer Brandon Generator project is written by Edgar Wright, also responsible for the popular films Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead. The interactive animation is a unique graphic novel bought to life with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 . The all-star lineup continues...
  • Blog Post: Playful Learning: Computer Games in Education (new eBook)

    We are thrilled to announce the availability of our latest eBook, titled ‘Playful Learning: Computer Games in Education’. Written by leading light in this field, Ollie Bray , this eBook combines thoughts, observations, tools and practical tips to help you understand more about using and making computer...
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