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  • Blog Post: Cost savings in education–know your school’s set-up

    Know your own IT story from the start Most existing schools have a mixture of ICT provisions that, over the years, has organically grown in response to a succession of short or medium-term needs. New software and hardware added. New curriculum areas, departments, technologies, even whole new buildings...
  • Blog Post: Get Online@Home–real life examples from those who have already benefited

    Gerald Haigh, independent writer to Microsoft,  has written up this blog post following on from the recent post on Get Online@Home , 13th June 2012.  Gerald was able to interview some of those who had benefited from the Microsoft backed scheme and took a look at how, with the help of refurbished...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft partners with YHGfL on regional approach to saving money for schools

    Guest post from Sean O’Shea , Schools Business Manager (North). One of the nice parts of my role is to work with amazing people that are dedicated and committed to education. Phil Moore, and his team at Yorkshire and Humber Grid for Learning, are a great example. Several months ago, Phil and I sat down...
  • Blog Post: Guest post from Gerald Haigh: Thinking aloud about cost savings in education

    Guest post from Gerald Haigh . Gerald is a freelance writer who regularly writes for the Microsoft UK Education Blogs. I’ve been doing some preparatory work on a new cost saving eBook (watch this space). The first one came out a year or so ago and already I’m detecting changes, some of them quite radical...
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