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  • Blog Post: Microsoft IT Academy boosts student skill set for both further education and the working environment

      Microsoft IT Academy , our ready-to-deliver programme  enables educational institutions to add Microsoft’s IT training and qualifications to their portfolio of offerings, proving popular with universities and further education colleges. Not only can they use it to develop their work with...
  • Blog Post: Free Microsoft software for schools, from the Fun and Free Friday event

    Today, we had a fantastic day at the office, when we hosted the “ Fun, Free Friday for Schools ”. Just over 100 schools attended, and we had an absolutely packed agenda, as we demonstrated lots of the free Microsoft software available for schools to use. All of the links to the various...
  • Blog Post: Digital Literacy Curriculum: Now Available as SCORM Objects

    Great news! The highly successful Digital Literacy Curriculum is now available as SCORM objects that can be deployed in a Learning Platform or as part of a SharePoint/SLK implementation. The resources are free and can be downloaded from:
  • Blog Post: What have Microsoft ever done for us?

    All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have th e Romans ever done for us? If you’re looking for nostalgia, take a look at the Life of Brian script – which doesn’t start with the question...
  • Blog Post: Do you get asked "How do I do that?" by friends, neighbours and parents?

    If your teachers and students (and friends and family) are always asking you how to do something on the computer, even though you know you showed them at least three times already, you won't be alone - statistics from a recent ICM survey carried out on our behalf show that almost half of all adults in...
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