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  • Blog Post: Future Impact of Technology on Teaching and Learning

    When considering the future impact of technology on teaching and learning there is an element of crystal ball gazing. That being said, working for an organisation such as Microsoft offers me some unique insights into the plethora of new technologies that are becoming available, which, in turn, allows...
  • Blog Post: Computer Games Based Learning

    In recent years computer Games Based Learning, or playful learning has started to gain more cohesion in classrooms as a powerful learning and teaching methodology. The 2011 Horizon Report, which seeks to identify emerging trends in future teaching and learning, recognised Games Based Learning as a future...
  • Blog Post: Playful Learning: Computer Games in Education (new eBook)

    We are thrilled to announce the availability of our latest eBook, titled ‘Playful Learning: Computer Games in Education’. Written by leading light in this field, Ollie Bray , this eBook combines thoughts, observations, tools and practical tips to help you understand more about using and making computer...
  • Blog Post: Productivity Future Vision Video

    The future of technology in education means many things to many different people. eBooks, natural user interfaces, touch screens, gaming in education and the consumerisation of IT are all themes that are voiced when the topic comes up for debate. A hot topic, for sure! Gaming in education and the consumerisation...
  • Blog Post: Gaming in Education with Sesame Street TV

    With strong momentum building behind the gaming in education phenomenon, we are excited to see that ‘Kinect Sesame Street TV’ will be going on sale in the spring. As a childhood fan of Sesame Street, it will be fun to see true interactivity come to this classic children's TV show. Announced...
  • Blog Post: Gaming in Education: Microsoft Kinect Session from FOTE 11

    Gaming in education is a growing trend across the whole sector and is something that we are going to be exploring more closely over the coming weeks and months. On the subject of gaming in education, or the gamification of learning as it is sometimes referred, Lee Stott from the DPE team here at Microsoft...
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