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  • Blog Post: Microsoft Education White Paper - Baby steps into the Cloud

    Gerald Haigh, an education writer and journalist, is also an ex-head teacher and as a result he still has close contacts within many education establishments. It was because of this that we asked him to interview a wide group of people about the use of Cloud services in education, which meant understanding...
  • Blog Post: Can you describe what SharePoint does in one sentence?

      Possibly the most difficult job I get asked to do is to describe SharePoint succinctly. It’s not because I don’t know what SharePoint is, and what it does – in fact, I use it extensively myself for lots of different purposes, and I see it in regular use in schools, colleges and universities. But...
  • Blog Post: Do Network Managers and Teachers have to clash?

    I’ve asked Gerald Haigh, a freelance journalist and author of a number of educational leadership books, to take some time out to share his thoughts on some of the topical education issues you’ll have seen on this blog or elsewhere. This week, he’s been thinking about some research...
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