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  • Blog Post: How and why students use the internet

    There’s some fascinating data in the latest Ofcom “ UK Children’s media literacy ” report, which gives an insight into the lives of children between the ages of 5 and 15. Rather than being a survey which lumps all children together, this report breaks down the data into three age ranges (5-7, 8-11 and...
  • Blog Post: Joe’s non-Netbook – another INSET video

    This is a continuation of Friday's blog post about video resources for INSET training I was looking through a presentation called “ The PODs are coming ”, which was all about Personally Owned Devices and their effect on schools and learning, when I came across this video, which would make an ideal...
  • Blog Post: INSET training materials and videos for September 09 – Part One

    It may be a little early to write this, but I’m aware that some of you will be starting to think (perhaps subconsciously) about starting next term well. And for many schools this will mean the day before the pupils arrive – the INSET day. For the benefit of readers outside of the UK, INSET stands...
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