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  • Blog Post: What is our CIO thinking about?

    If you are responsible for a large IT system, then one of the biggest challenges you face is the huge pressure from internal and external forces for constant change – and also to reduce your budgets. The Microsoft Chief Information Officer Tony Scott is no different. I recommend taking ten minutes to...
  • Blog Post: Do you know what software you're using?

    Why on earth I'm writing this on Monday morning, I have absolutely no idea. It's bad enough that it's Monday morning. But writing about licensing? Am I mad? (Well maybe - watch the comments flow from my colleagues!) The reason to write about this now, at the beginning of term, is that it's the...
  • Blog Post: What are you responsible for?

    This might seem like a bizarre subject, because I would guess that most of us have an idea of the scope of our responsibilities. But a recent conversation with Tim Roots from IT Vision was a bit of a surprise for me. We were talking about software licensing - Tim's a director of a software company which...
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