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  • Blog Post: How will Windows 7 help schools – Part Three – Giving teachers their own laptops

    Continuing my thread of half-term learning snacks, this one’s is shorter (only 7 minutes long), but talks about a feature which you may want to think about to help your teachers. Here’s a scenario that may well have happened in your school: You allocate a teacher a laptop They use it in school...
  • Blog Post: Where will your laptops be this summer?

    According to recent research , 900-1000 laptops go missing every week at Heathrow ... that is 52,000 a year. Worldwide, 800,000 laptops are lost or stolen at airports every year. Even more incredibly, the survey also reveals that many travellers fail to take any steps to protect the information contained...
  • Blog Post: How robust does a laptop for education have to be?

    Imagine. You're designing a laptop specifically for use in education . How robust do you have to make it? Is this robust enough? The engineers at RM took theirs into the car park, and then drove cars over one, to see how much abuse it could survive. Three cars later (and car number 2 definitely...
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