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  • Blog Post: Microsoft staff and interns help raise public awareness at Brookfields School

      Brookfields School is a community special school in West Berkshire with a proven track record of providing high quality and innovative education to young people with special needs, recognised regionally, nationally and internationally. OfSTED continues to judge Brookfields School to be one of...
  • Blog Post: Little Harrowden Primary School–small school, big improvement with technology

    A Northamptonshire primary school reaps the rewards of investing in a whole-school improvement strategy which puts technology at the heart of children’s learning and shows that these 21 st Century approaches are both effective and essential for their children’s future. In the summer of 2008, a new Headteacher...
  • Blog Post: Ofsted report The safe use of new technologies

    According to the BBC News this morning: Blocking pupils' access to unsuitable websites does not encourage them to take responsibility for their safety online, Ofsted inspectors say. "Managed" online systems were more successful than "locked" ones at safeguarding pupils' safety, they...
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