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  • Blog Post: A Simple Way to ‘Poll’ Students

    In a classroom near Bangalore, India, young students packing a classroom eagerly wave sheets of white paper covered with black symbols. They aren’t misbehaving—they are participating in a test of new educational technology pioneered by a team at Microsoft Research India . Those paper sheets could offer...
  • Blog Post: Help my writers block – are you a teacher, educator or practitioner

    For years I’ve always written “teacher” when I’m writing about somebody who works in the classroom teaching. eg ‘Resources for teachers are here’, ‘Whenever I stand up to talk to teachers…’ A few years back, with the arrival of teaching assistants, I decided to stick with it, because although there’s...
  • Blog Post: We're going on a Quango Hunt

    Over the last month or so, after spending their time looking at MPs expenses, the newspapers have moved on to looking at other public bodies, and their costs. There have been a few stories about expenses, and a few more about the way that public bodies spend money on other things. But an emerging trend...
  • Blog Post: A question of security

    I was at a conference yesterday (sadly covered by Chatham House Rule so no juicy snippets) which looked at security of public sector ICT systems, and there was a session which was about malware. Although it was delivered in a matter-of-fact deadpan way, it left me feeling just a little bit nervous (and...
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