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  • Blog Post: How to add a video to a PowerPoint presentation

    Welcome to Office Tip Classics - a series of one-minute videos where you'll get to see clips of film classics and learn a tip about Office 2010. In this episode, school tough-guy Marty has a hard time keeping his cool after losing the class presentation contest. His teacher tries to cheer him up, explaining...
  • Blog Post: Spaced Learning Toolkit – How memories are made

    If you were anything like me at school, trying to remember everything I was taught in my lessons, permanently, in hope that I would then pass my exams could sometimes prove to be a bit of a nightmare.  A last minute scrabble through my text books as I was entering an exam room to remember Boyle...
  • Blog Post: Some major historical events reimaged with Office 2010 – some Friday fun

    Here’s some Friday fun for you. My colleague Rich Lane, Account Technology Strategist, came across these short films  (whilst actually searching for something else and shared it with the team.) I loved them so much, I wanted to share them with you.   The Wright Brothers   Houston and Apollo...
  • Blog Post: Having fun with PowerPoint. Yes really!

    It’s that time of year again (well for me anyway) where I am now thinking about BETT 2012 and all the planning, and BESA have sent out e-mails requesting proposals for the seminar programme. Actually they’re calling it “Learn Live”, and there’s a determination to make it all a bit more exciting. ...
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