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  • Blog Post: We're going on a Quango Hunt

    Over the last month or so, after spending their time looking at MPs expenses, the newspapers have moved on to looking at other public bodies, and their costs. There have been a few stories about expenses, and a few more about the way that public bodies spend money on other things. But an emerging trend...
  • Blog Post: What do I think?

    Yesterday, a colleague sent me an email asking “Off the top of your head, if there were three things that you’d love to say to a chief education policymaker, what would they be?” I was on a train at the time, had 5 minutes to respond, so it’s not terribly well thought out. But I thought I’d share my...
  • Blog Post: Next Generation Learning for 30p a year

    Every now and again I come across a bit of information that I’m not sure about. Like this from a written answer in Parliament : The Next Generation Learning campaign sponsored by Becta is designed to raise the awareness of parents or carers, employers and learners of the benefits of the use of technology...
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