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  • Blog Post: The BETT Futures Presentation

    For three days now at BETT 2011 I've been presenting with a colleague, Mark Stewart, about some of the websites and products that students use in their social lives, and talking about how they could also be useful for teachers and schools. As it has been such a busy week, I've not had chance to get this...
  • Blog Post: Using interactive maps in history–the Battle of Britain

    In August, I wrote about using DeepZoom photograph technology to explore historical maps and Churchill . Well, after the success of those, the developers ( Shoothill ) have created an interactive guide to The Battle of Britain resource, on MSN – with another TimeMap, allowing you to view today’s satellite...
  • Blog Post: Using technology from today to explore the past

    I’m sure that you’ll have seen Deep Zoom technology in use – either in demonstrations or on websites. It underpins many other applications such as Bing Maps, PhotoSynth and Image Composite Editor. Several schools such as Shireland have used Deep Zoom to organise and present learning resources, whilst...
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