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  • Blog Post: Running the Cloud – statistic overload

    A few years ago, when we first started the Live@edu email service , it was running on the same system as Hotmail. Since then we’ve moved it onto a completely Exchange-based system, which has actually been running Exchange 2010 for quite some time. And so I’d forgotten about Hotmail. But running cloud...
  • Blog Post: Bing and StatCounter

    I use a web service called StatCounter on this blog, to keep an eye on where my readers are coming from, and what they are interested in. As well as detailed stats, it also gives me interesting maps like this, which shows me where the readers are located: Search Engines – in the US and Europe...
  • Blog Post: 9 out of 10 children have Internet at home

    According to government research for the DCSF, 90% of pupils have computer and internet access at home. Even amongst primary school children, it was 88%. The research was part of the “Parental Involvement in Children's Education” report , published in 2007, and page 25 gives the statistics for Internet...
  • Blog Post: Fun with statistics 2 – Schools ICT Survey

    For years I’ve eagerly looked forward to the publication of the annual “ICT in UK State Schools” report from BESA (the British Education Suppliers Association), because it provides a valuable insight into what is happening across the majority of schools. It’s natural that we can only work directly with...
  • Blog Post: Fun with statistics – Building Schools for the Future

    “Fun with Statistics” doesn’t sound like a bright Monday morning blog post subject, but bear with me a while.   The minimum cell space allocation for each prisoner to avoid torture or degrading treatment, as recommended by the Council of Europe "European Committee for the Prevention of Torture...
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