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  • Blog Post: Photosynths made at points in history

    Having lived through BETT last week, I had to relive it again this morning when Mark A’Bear showed me his Photosynth of the BETT stand . He’d snapped 278 photos of Olympia, and Photosynth had them stitched them together into an explorable photo model. It’s just like being there – but without the noise...
  • Blog Post: What Photosynths would help your teaching?

    How about something to help your teaching colleagues. Now that you know what Photosynth can do, are there any places that you’d really like a Photosynth of, to use in a lesson? I’m currently sitting at a desk between the marketing managers for Health and Government, and I’d be happy to ask them to get...
  • Blog Post: Creating my first Photosynth

    Today, I’m in London, and inspired by Alan’s IT Suite Photosynth yesterday, I thought I’d have a go. And I am astounded at how easy it turned out to be. I took my photos of Westminster Cathedral , which is right outside of our office. Just before you say “But that’s not Westminster”, then re-read the...
  • Blog Post: Exploring photos in 3D

    How do you keep one step ahead of your students? When they are used to living in a multimedia rich world, are you finding it increasingly difficult to grab them and engage them? I know that I find my own children don’t want to sit through a 300 photograph slide show any more….but I’ve found a way to...
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