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  • Blog Post: Top 10 ICT Money Saving Tips – 8 – Stop buying so much software

    Part eight of the series of Top 10 ICT Money Saving Tips for schools , based on my BETT 2010 presentation Yes, the one you thought you’d never see from me in this list of Top 10 ICT Money Saving tips! But here it is… Did you know that you can buy a subscription called the MSDN AA (Trivia: MSDN AA stands...
  • Blog Post: Visual Software: SIF ‘Special Offer’ Initiative

    (I go away for a day or two, and Mark jumps in and helpfully adds to the blog. But Mark, gave you a US telephone number to call on this. I know we’re in the world of Skype and virtual telephony, but schools have traditionally been nervous about dialling an 0870 number – let alone a US one! And so, with...
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