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  • Blog Post: Possible Xbox 360® COTS games projects

    The use of COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) games in the classroom has grown in popularity in the UK over the last few years and their potential impact is well documented in the Futurelab report, ‘The impact of console games in the classroom’. The findings of this particular report suggest that well structured...
  • Blog Post: Using Xbox 360 and Kinect in the Classroom

    The Xbox 360 and Kinect ™ for Xbox 360 make great additions to the classroom.  As well as being able to play games, you can use the console and Kinect sensor to connect to other classrooms around the world via Xbox LIVE. Xbox LIVE has loads of features, and some of the best ones include Video Kinect...
  • Blog Post: Join us for the next Microsoft Partners in Learning Forum -FREE!

    · The 8th Microsoft UK Partners in Learning Forum is a one-day conference, free of charge to all teachers and educators who wish to attend. The workshops and keynotes this year have a STEM ‘flavour’ and address the theme of ‘Teach more, learn more, inspire more.’ This forum connects Teachers with Teachers...
  • Blog Post: Kodu – bringing fun to learning in the classroom

    Have you tried Kodu yet? If you’re one of the many who’s always looking for ways to take ICT learners further along the creative road that leads to programming then you should, because it’s designed to do exactly that. “…a new visual programming language made specifically for creating games – accessible...
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