TFS Migration & Synchronization Tool For ClearCase Released

Yesterday we released a new tool that will help customers who use both Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and ClearCase or are migrating from ClearCase to TFS.  It is available for download today at no additional charge for licensed users of TFS (server and CALs).  We are hoping to release some updates to TFS licensing soon that will simplify it for people using tools like this to synchronize TFS with other SCM systems.  For now read our licensing whitepaper to understand the requirements.

This new ClearCase -> TFS migration and synchronization tool provides the ability to migrate ClearCase data to TFS, and it also provides a service that will keep items in sync between TFS and ClearCase.  Together, these features will make the process of migrating from ClearCase to TFS much simpler, and far more automated.  It enables you to make a one time switch and preserve your data and history or it allows a longer term cooexistance by allowing different people or teams to use ClearCase and TFS while ensuring that all of the data and history is available to all users.

A quick summary of the features of the tool:

  • Supports migration of base ClearCase VOBs
  • Migrate a snapshot of source control to TFS
  • Migrate files to Team Foundation Server while preserving history
  • Migrate branches to Team Foundation Server retaining the branching structure/hierarchy
  • Bidirectional synchronization of data between TFS and ClearCase
You can get forum support at if you have questions or need help.