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May, 2008

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This is a blog about things that interest our team, in particular topics around microsoft developer tools such as Visual Studio Team System,  MSDN subscriptions and licensing. These may be interest to you too.  Sometimes we will go way off topic, we'll try to answer questions that we get through our blog, but mostly there'll be just a few snippits of information that catch our eye.  Things coming up, stuff we've seen, other bloggers who come up with something unusual, or something just plain daft or amusing to us.

  • Microsoft UK Developer Tools Team

    Update to the Scriptable Web Test Plugin

    I've updated my web test scriptable parameters plugin to fix a bug with scripted context parameters and extracted tests and add the ability to to script the file name property of any file upload params. For more information see:
  • Microsoft UK Developer Tools Team

    Regular Expression Builder

    I only found this feature of DB Pro the other day - must remember to spend more time exploring menus - so thought I should share. When you are creating a Data generation Plan , one of the options on how to control the shape of the data is to use a Regular...
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