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About Umit Sunar - who is this guy?


About Umit Sunar - who is this guy?



My name is Umit Sunar, I'm from Turkey and living in Istanbul and my career is full of interesting stuff.


Let's summarize this in some bullets:

  • I've graduated from aeronautics engineering, supposes to build aircrafts but only worked for one year in a helicopter project and didn't continue


  • I've received my first programming certificate about 20 years ago (in 1994) even before my college


  • I'm working in cloud computing for 5 years


  • I'm working for 13 years in the IT industry on many areas. Development, BI, Security, Cloud Computing


  • I had my own startup company focused in security for a while as well.


  • Currently, I'm working as a Windows Azure Technical Evangelist at MEA HQ


Short Official Bio:

Umit Sunar is a Windows Azure Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Middle East and Africa. Sunar focuses on working with MEA CSVs, startups, developers and influencers around Windows Azure and Cloud Computing, trying to increase the reach, adoption and impact of Microsoft Cloud in the region. Sunar received his first programming certificate at 13 and has worked with many development technologies for more than 12 years. He has been working with Cloud Computing for over 5 years now. During his professional career, he has worked as an architect and trusted advisor and has been involved in a wide variety of projects, ranging from security, ERP, CRM and real-time transactional systems. Sunar holds a Bachelors in Aeronautics Engineering from Istanbul Technical University in Turkey and has started an Executive MBA.






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