Entrepreneurs come from all walks of life. But they all start with the same two things in the back of their minds: a dream that won’t die and a Bugbear that won’t go down without a fight.

What’s a Bugbear? It’s the little monster that personifies all your doubts and fears. The Bugbear is patient and cunning. It comes to you while you’re lying awake at night, whispering “You’re going to fail… It’s much too difficult…Why bother?”

But you know what? The Bugbear is wrong. You’re not going to fail. Successful new businesses kick off in the UK every single day. Every last one of those businesses had a founder with doubts and fears and worries. But those bright sparks studied up, stepped up their game and left their Bugbears behind on the road to success. And if they can do it, why not you?

All you need to leave that Bugbear in the dust is a little expert perspective. On Wednesday, 28 May, Microsoft is turning the @MicrosoftUK Twitter handle over to a group of Renegade Professionals and asking them to share their stories and answer your questions about some of the toughest parts of business ownership. These are people who started right where you are, but they managed to kick their Bugbear to the curb. Now they’re living the dream.

Want to learn more about how to tackle your business Bugbear? Join us tomorrow for the following Twitter Q & As via @MicrosoftUK:

Want to know the best part? These pros are giving away their advice for free, right there in the open. All you need to do is follow @MicrosoftUK on Twitter and check out the #uncompromise hashtag on 28 May. You’ll get to ask questions and get real practical advice and assistance from a team of Renegade Professionals who desperately want to see you live you dream.