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Throbbing Items Control

Throbbing Items Control

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Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) provides a bunch of controls that are “data aware” – you can simply bind them against any data source – Xml, CLR class, etc.

I tried extending once such control - ItemsControl – which serves at the base class for controls that display a bunch of items – ListBox, TabControl, ComboBox, etc. – to add functionality that will allow N items to be displayed at a time, and then loop over the remaining items at a specified frequency. The cool part is that as far a designer is concerned, all the implementation is hidden – all the designer has to do is to use the control on the design surface of Interactive Designer, drag-n-drop data onto the control, and then worry about the presentation of data. In addition, one can specify the number of items to display at once and the refresh frequency.

Feel free to download the sample and use the control. Source available here.

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  • Hi, I just don't know why, but hardly any sample works on my computer... I always have got an "Invalid XAML code" error.

    I've got the March CTP Interactive Designer.

    Know where's the problem?
  • Yeah i got an "invalid XAML" error message as well...

  • invalid XAML" error message as well

  • To view a sample or tutorial, click on one of thumbnails or links below. Some samples also have supporting

  • Invalid XAML code if I try to open any Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 created Page.xaml in Expression Blend 2 August Preview.

  • Replace the namespace declarations withe the new ones




  • Replace the reference to FabrikamThrobbingItemsDemo with the new format:


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