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    The Blend 3 Asset Library

    For Blend 3, we have completely re-designed the Asset Library. Here are some of the highlights: a) Categorization for various assets makes discoverability easier. b) Searchability allows for quick location of an asset across categories like Controls...
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    Connect and Blend 3

    While Blend 3 has a number of stellar features that I am sure everyone reading this blog has heard about (buzz words include SketchFlow, behaviors, sample data support, Illustrator and Photoshop import, TFS support, and many more), we really devoted a...
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    Marching towards the Blend 3 Beta

    The last few weeks (or months) have been really hectic! We finally finished all the features that we wanted to add to Blend 3, and are now actively fixing all the feedback (read bugs and crashes :)) that you have been reporting to us, as well as making...
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