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  • Blog Post: Project and Item template support in Expression Blend

    Expression Blend 4 has support for authoring custom project and item templates, similar to Visual Studio. However, our support is a strict subset of what Visual Studio supports, and a few changes are necessary to the .vstemplate file to have the projects and items correctly displayed in Blend. A notable...
  • Blog Post: TabletPC and the Blend menus

    If you do run into a situation where the Blend flyout menus appear on the left instead of the right as shown below, the Tablet PC Settings panel is a good place to check.
  • Blog Post: Blend, WPF and resource references

    A number of people have sought more clarity around how Blend and resources references work inside WPF projects. Hope the following FAQs would help with some of your questions. a) Should I use Static or Dynamic resource lookup? Blend def. plays better with dynamic resource lookups. You could use a...
  • Blog Post: Blend 3 Extensibility

    Based on popular customer feedback, we have added a number of new extensibility points in Blend 3 (sorry, no support for plugins, yet, but who needs an officially supported extensibility model anyway ? :) ) Over the next few weeks, I will provide more information on these, including interesting use...
  • Blog Post: Team Foundation Server support in Blend 3

    Expression Blend 3 Preview adds support for integration with Team Foundation Server, one of our top feature requests. Some examples of the various integration points: a) Saving a file automatically checks it out b) Adding a new UserControl or assets to a project automatically adds them to source control...
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