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  • Blog Post: Google Analytics – 4 – Audience, Traffic Sources

    We all make decisions, don’t you agree with me? A young child decides which toy or food to choose. An older kid might decide their friends or clothes to wear. As young adults we decide our career and partners. As we grow older we decide the house we buy or the money we spend. Our decisions are...
  • Blog Post: Google Analytics – 3 – Standard Reporting Overview

    Detailed information about Google Analytics Standard Reporting Overview including choosing the time range, metrics and data points at
  • Blog Post: Google Analytics - Data confidentiality and account administration

    Prior to me joining Bing Ads (Online Services Division) in Microsoft, I always worried about data confidentiality on the internet. In this blog post, I will share with you Google Analytics data confidentiality and the account administration of Google Analytics -
  • Blog Post: Google Analytics introduction

    introduction to Google Analytics, signing up and adding a site and installing the tracking code at
  • Blog Post: Starting point zero and its importance in data analytics

    The importance of a starting point or baselining in data analytics including key performance indicators (KPI) and tools available for web analytics is explained in my next blog at
  • Blog Post: Data, Analytics, Insights - Welcome to the world of numbers

    Have you seen a potter design his pottery? What is the relationship between pottery and data analytics? Read more about data, analytics and insights at
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