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  • Blog Post: An Introduction to SAFe and Why You Really Should Care

    The Scaled Agile Framework , pronounced “SAFe”, is a framework for implementing lean and agile methods at scale. It was pioneered by Dean Leffingwell and fully described in his book Agile Software Requirements . SAFe provides prescriptive guidance for more
  • Blog Post: The Windows 8 Store Application Object Model

    While working on my latest Windows Store application, I found that I needed a better mental model of the relationships between the framework classes. Here are some quick sketches that cover the core objects and their interactions during application launch more
  • Blog Post: Updated Windows Azure Reference Architecture

    Since publishing my Windows Azure Cookbook series, I’ve received a number of requests to update the reference architecture diagram for the platform to include the features in the June release. Here my latest version of the diagram. (Click on it to get more
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Recipe: Big Data

    As the name implies, what we’re talking about here is the explosion of electronic data that comes from huge volumes of transactions, devices, and sensors being captured by businesses today. This data often comes in unstructured formats and/or too fast more
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Recipe: High Performance Computing

    One of the most attractive ways to use a cloud platform is for parallel processing. Commonly known as high-performance computing (HPC) , this approach relies on executing code on many machines at the same time. On Windows Azure, this means running many more
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Recipe: Social Web / Big Media

    With the rise of social media there’s been an explosion of special interest media web sites on the web. From athletics to board games to funny animal behaviors, you can bet there’s a group of people somewhere on the web talking about it. Social media more
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Recipe: Mobile Computing

    A while back, mashups were all the rage. The idea was to compose solutions that provided aggregation and integration across applications and services to make information more available, useful, and personal. Mashups ushered in the era of Web 2.0 in all more
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Recipe: Software as a Service (SaaS)

    The cloud was tailor built for aspiring companies to create innovative internet based applications and solutions. Whether you’re a garage startup with very little capital or a Fortune 1000 company, the ability to quickly setup, deliver, and iterate on more
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Recipe: Enterprise LOBs

    Enterprises are more and more dependent on their specialized internal Line of Business (LOB) applications than ever before. Naturally, the more software they leverage on-premises, the more infrastructure they need manage. It’s frequently the case that more
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Recipe: Consumer Portal

    Drivers Nearly every company on the internet has a web presence. Many are merely using theirs for informational purposes. More sophisticated portals allow customers to register their contact information and provide some level of interaction or customer more
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Solution Cookbook

    I’ve spent quite a bit of time discussing cloud computing with our customers lately and the common theme among them all has been “lean”. Windows Azure can provide some tremendous benefits to nearly every organization we speak with: operating cost reduction more
  • Blog Post: Six0Run Scores Big with Windows Azure

    What do you get when you cross a college basketball coach, a lawyer, and a software architect? In the case of local St. Louis startup Six0Run , you get a dynamic software development team focused on revolutionizing talent management in college athletics more
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