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  • Blog Post: Microsoft DevRadio: Spring Azure Update Review - IaaS, Web Sites, Licensing and more!

    Abstract: Brian Hitney and Peter Laudati review and demo some of the latest updates and features made to Windows Azure such as the general availability of Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service, Azure Web Sites, the Azure SDK 2.0 for .NET and the new more
  • Blog Post: Bing Maps Mashup in Dark Skies

    I’ve gotten a few requests about how to do a mashup in Dark Skies … so, thought I’d do a blog post on how it was put together. First, what’s a mashup? A mashup is an application that combines data from multiple sources into what is, hopefully, a more more
  • Blog Post: Compressing as Individual Files in Folder

    Let’s see how long it takes Jim Christopher to jump in with a better PowerShell solution. :) I had a directory full of .avi files that contains RAW, uncompressed data at 60fps from a camera (for astroimaging). Even capturing just a few minutes of data more
  • Blog Post: Skipping SSL Connections Locally

    When developing locally, often times you don’t want to use SSL for a variety of reasons.  There’s no real point, since the request isn’t going over the wire.  Most of the time, connections are done via the loopback address (although more
  • Blog Post: Win8 Apps: Check for Network Connectivity

    A lot of apps require internet connectivity to function – like my app, Dark Skies .   One thing I overlooked when first releasing Dark Skies was a graceful check for network connectivity.  If the app launches and there is no connectivity more
  • Blog Post: Coding for Kids #3. Bugs!

    In the first post , we introduced the problem.  We’re writing a program that solves the problem of finding 100 point words, where each letter in the word corresponds to its position in the alphabet (A=1, B=2, Z=26).  In the second post , we more
  • Blog Post: Coding for Kids #2. Code!

    In my last post , I introduced the problem we’re trying to solve via an introductory computer program:  finding 100 point words where each letter of the alphabet corresponds to its place in the alphabet (A=1, B=2 … Z=26).  At this point, we more
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 DevCamp: Raleigh

    Microsoft RD Jim Duffy and I are hosting a series of events, kicking off with a Windows 8 DevCamp in Raleigh on Sept 25th!  I’m the brains, Jim is the talent, so don’t miss it.  Sign up here!  (Just kidding about Jim being the talent ) more
  • Blog Post: Coding for Kids #1. The Beginning.

    My daughter, a 5th grader, has shown an occasional interest in programming but having so many frameworks and platforms available today is both a blessing and a curse.  I began to learn programming by hacking Maxit, Hunt the Wumpus, Adventure, and more
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Trust Center

    The Windows Azure team recently posted about the Windows Azure Trust Center .   One of the most frequent conversations that comes up when discussing moving applications to the cloud revolves around security and compliance, and it’s also one more
  • Blog Post: Antimalware in the Windows Azure

    On most (or perhaps even all?) of the production servers I’ve worked on, antivirus/antimalware detection apps are often not installed for a variety of reasons – performance, risk of false positives or certain processes getting closed down unexpectedly more
  • Blog Post: Launching “Learn the Cloud, Make a Difference” DC Effort

    Two years ago, Jim O’neil and I developed a quick Azure training program called “@home with Windows Azure” – a way to learn Windows Azure and have some fun contributing to a well known distributed computing effort, Folding@home .  A few months later more
  • Blog Post: Music Library Synchronization, Sonos Tips

    I love Windows Home Server.   I’ve been using Windows Home Server for years, and just purchased a Windows Home Server 2011 (WHS) box from Newegg (great deal on a HP Proliant micro server).  Many have asked me why I like WHS so much – it more
  • Blog Post: Azure Camps Coming Soon!

    Jim , Peter , and I are gearing up for another road trip to spread the goodness that is Windows Azure! The Windows Azure DevCamp series launched recently with a two-day event in Silicon Valley, and we’re jumping on the bandwagon for the East Region. We more
  • Blog Post: Geo-Load Balancing with the Azure Traffic Manager

    One of the great new features of the Windows Azure platform is the Azure Traffic Manager, a geo load balancer and durability solution for your cloud solutions.  For any large website, managing traffic globally is critical to the architecture for more
  • Blog Post: Returning to Chess

    Many years ago, I was a reasonably active person in computer chess and OTB (over-the-board) chess playing, though admittedly I was more interested in the computer science behind chess rather than my own chess playing strength.   I owe this resurgence more
  • Blog Post: New Worldmaps Reporting Site

    Thanks to the folks at Infragistics , there’s a new reporting site for Worldmaps!   This Silverlight application not only looks great, but provides many new ways to drill down into the data: One of the cool things you can do is easily compare more
  • Blog Post: Connected Show: Migrating To Azure

    I recently sat down with Peter Laudati, my cloud colleague up in the NY/NJ area, and discussed Worldmaps and the migration to the cloud in Peter’s and Dmitry’s Connected Show podcast .   Thanks guys for the opportunity! Connected Show - Episode more
  • Blog Post: You Know You’re a Geek When…

    Over the long weekend I decided to start cleaning out the garage – a project, by my estimates, will take several years to complete.  I came across some old software that has been hiding in some box for … well, decades.  I found many 5 1/4” floppy more
  • Blog Post: Book Review: Azure in Action

    Most of the people who know me know I’ve invested a lot of my time in Windows Azure.  “I’m all in.”  :)   Last year, we began doing presentations on Azure after it was announced at PDC 2008.  Over the months, from SDS to SQL Azure more
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