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  • Blog Post: Windows Azure shown to have the best IaaS performance value

    I just stumbled upon an industry report by Cloud Spectator ( They ran a test on the top IaaS providers, looking for who had the best performance for the buck. As far as I know Windows Azure and Microsoft had nothing to do with more
  • Blog Post: Helping an ISV look at their cloud options

    I met with a medium sized ISV the other week. They make a software application for service companies. Some of their customers are one guy and a van, and others are giant companies. Their software helps manage the service appointments from the customer more
  • Blog Post: Stop the presses! Stopped VMs are no longer charged, MSDN benefits improved, and more!

    Wow, some truly exciting announcements were made today. I will summarize them here, but once again, for the nitty-gritty details, please see the original post. 1- If you stop a VM, you won’t be charged. This is very new. Until now, if you stopped a VM more
  • Blog Post: How to get a sticky load balancer in Windows Azure

    Windows Azure has a load balancer that you can use for free. It is used mostly to load balance port 80 (aka web traffic) across a group of identically configured web servers, although it can be used to load balance any TCP/UDP port. It is not a sticky more
  • Blog Post: Code Project’s Azure Cloud Challenge

    We have started a new Azure Cloud Challenge, in partnership with Code Project. It is already on going, but you can catch up with plenty of time to go. There are essentially five challenges that you will work through. Over time you will build a web application more
  • Blog Post: Updated policies for the Windows Azure Guest Operating System Images

    I just received this email from the Windows Azure team about some updates to the Windows Azure Guest Operating System. As a side note, I have tried for years to get the team to call this WAGOS, but they won’t bite. I have pasted the complete email below more
  • Blog Post: Scaffolding Tool for Windows Azure Mobile Services

    One of my biggest mantras is: “Write only the code that only you can write” What I mean is, if the code you are writing could be written by any competent developer (because it is infrastructure and not germane to the IP or ‘special sauce’ of what you more
  • Blog Post: Attend a pilot event for a new tour series

    We like to play with our format for events from time to time, and this time we are looking at a series of half day events that cover a specific scenario, instead of technical features. Our goal is to cover the in’s and out’s of that scenario. With a half more
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure SDK 2.0 Released!

    Go get it now! So what’s new? Web Sites – VS Tooling for diagnostics, management, and simplified publishing Cloud Services Diagnostics – VS Tooling for configuring and viewing diagnostics data on a live service without redeployment Cloud Services – Support more
  • Blog Post: “Driving Your Career” app in the Windows Store

    I started my time at Microsoft by giving a farewell talk at my old company. I wanted a way to pass on the tribal knowledge we had built. That talk became the ‘Soft Skillz’ talk, which I have now given over 150 times. Sometimes it is a one hour talk, and more
  • Blog Post: Event: Global Windows Azure Boot Camps

    The Windows Azure Boot Camps are still going strong. This year they are holding a global event, with over 60+ events around the world, on the same day. Here is a list of the events in the US. Please go to the global site to see the whole list. I think more
  • Blog Post: TechNet Radio: (Part 1) Infrastructure as a Service – Windows Azure Virtual Machines & What’s in it for You

    Mike Hester just had me as a guest on his TechNet Radio show. Check it out. You can see in the video that my office is the old nursery with the cute Noah’s Ark wallpaper. Matt Hester kicks off his 8 part Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) series and in more
  • Blog Post: Event: Make it happen in the cloud

    Here is a new event tour around Windows Azure. For full information, go to Leave with code running in the cloud. Available in select cities, the Windows Azure Developer Camp will get you hands more
  • Blog Post: Lessons learned from a cloud emergency

    I have been focusing my career on the cloud for the past five years of so, and people reach out to me from time to time with help on a project. I am always willing to pitch in when I can, and if I have the time. Of course I have to remind them the [. more
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Mobile Services releases HTML5 client!

    Windows Azure Mobile Services is a service platform that is part of Windows Azure. The team focuses on delivering valuable services to mobile app developers, on any platform. Their services include: 1. Easy server side data storage with service side logic more
  • Blog Post: Many Windows Azure Updates

    The great thing about becoming a devices and services company is that we can now engineer in monthly intervals instead of yearly intervals. In the old days, when you had to ship software on plastic disks, we would plan on ship cycles that take years to more
  • Blog Post: How the cloud could have saved SimCity, and what you can learn from it

    Let’s get this part out of the way. I am a big SimCity fan! SimCity 1 was the first boxed game I  ever bought for a computer. Prior to this I had purchased some games at the local Radio Shack that were packaged in freezer bags. My friends and more
  • Blog Post: Update to Windows Azure Management Portal

    This past week we released several changes to the portal. As many of you know, we released the ‘new’ portal this past June. In that timeframe, there have been some features that were only still available in the ‘old’ portal. … Continue reading → more
  • Blog Post: Windows Store is Open!

    Just a quick post to let you know the store is open for app submissions. I already created and account and reserved the app names for the apps I am working on. I hope to have a few done by … Continue reading → more
  • Blog Post: Join me at The Cloud OS event

    So join me at The Cloud OS Signature Event Series for a free, one-day event, and check out the launch of our newest, most exciting products. You’ll get the opportunity to engage with experts, get hands on with the new … Continue reading → more
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 Developer Camps

    We are launching a series of developer camps focusing on Windows 8 development. These camps will be in Detroit, Columbus, and Austin to begin with. I am sure we will be booking more of them. I will be speaking at … Continue reading → more
  • Blog Post: Slides from Microsoft Cloud Summit 2012 in Dallas

    I had a great time at the summit, and it was a great crowd. You know it’s going to be a fun day when Scott Gu is interrupted with questions from a 400 person audience right from the start. I … Continue reading → more
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Web Sites vs. Cloud Apps

    We have several new ways for you to run your applications in the cloud, and developers want a little guidance on how to pick which options. I hope to provide a little guidance around that. The Model of the Models … Continue reading → more
  • Blog Post: Consuming that REST WebAPI from Windows 8 HTML5

    I have started working with Windows 8 apps a little bit, and it has been a lot of fun. Of course you can write the apps in XAML (of which I know little), C++ (I worked a lot in C++ … Continue reading → more
  • Blog Post: Hosting a WebAPI service on Windows Azure Web Sites

    I was recently asked if it was possible to host a web service on Web Sites. I responded : “Well, anything IIS can do, Web Sites can do, so Yes.” We went back and forth a bit on what technology … Continue reading → more
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