illum-leftOver the past year Microsoft has launched several programs to get software into the hands of university students (DreamSpark) and start-ups (BizSpark) at no cost.  And last week Microsoft took it 1-step further by expanding the DreamSpark program to include high school students worldwide.  This is exciting news and will go a long way to help prepare people of all ages with the technology skills and tools they need to succeed in today’s challenging economic climate.

Take a minute now to better understand these programs and how they can benefit those around you.  Make an impact on your community by sharing this information with family and friends, local high schools, colleges and universities, and the business incubator groups in your community.

Remember, today’s student could very well be a member of tomorrow’s partner team.

What is Microsoft DreamSpark™?

Microsoft DreamSpark ™ is a program that provides no-cost access to Microsoft designer and development tools and training for verified high school and university students around the world, to support and advance their learning and skills through technical design, technology, math, science and engineering activities. This program equips tomorrow’s developers with the professional tools to inspire and create today.

DreamSpark High School Provides Students with Free Software to Pursue Their Academic & Professional Goals

On March 26th, Microsoft announced the expansion of the DreamSpark program to include high school students worldwide.  DreamSpark was originally available only to University students.  By offering free access to its latest software, Microsoft is empowering students to pursue their academic and professional goals, and become the next generation of IT and business leaders.

What is Microsoft BizSpark™?

Microsoft BizSpark is a global program designed to accelerate the success of early stage Startups. BizSpark provides entrepreneurs fast and easy access to current full-featured Microsoft development tools and productions licenses of server products, with no upfront costs and minimal requirements.

What is Microsoft Students to Business (S2B)?

The Students to Business (S2B) program connects Microsoft partners and customers with qualified students for entry-level and internship positions.  S2B provides unique training opportunities and resources for students to establish the technology skills required in today’s job market.  Learn more and join the S2B community at

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