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Live Online Web Seminars for Partners                                                                        

These Live Online events offer you the opportunity to enjoy the rich experience of an In-Person Learning from the convenience your home or office.

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Azure Services Platform

CSD08PAL: What is Azure?


What exactly is the Azure Services Platform and what does it allow me to do? This session covers the basics including architecture and function, as well as new opportunities the platform provides. Learn too how customers are thinking about cloud computing and how you can join the conversation. Recent updates to the service will also be covered.

SQL Server 2008

SQL76PAL: Emerge Stronger with Business Intelligence & SQL Server 2008


Please join us as we present the partner opportunities on SQL and BI, specifically tailored for the current economic climate. You’ll learn how to Emerge Stronger from the economic downturn by focusing on SQL 2008 upgrades and by helping your customers reduce costs and take advantage of existing systems and data. You’ll learn about how to grow your services business with comprehensive IT offerings and the tangible benefits on BI today.


IDA17PAL: Microsoft Forefront Identity and Security Solutions: Sales Training for Partners


This session will help set the stage for your success in reselling, recommending, implementing, and servicing Microsoft Forefront identity and security solutions, as well as help you understand the opportunities and benefits of attaching Forefront technologies to Microsoft platform infrastructure.

Windows 7

WVC42PAL: Trigger Start Services


A number of services were changed to only start when required, or triggered to do so by an event (such as a device being plugged in).  This capability is called Trigger Start Services.  This session covers the infrastructure and investments made to enable the “Trigger Start Services” feature in Windows 7, its advantages, and overview of how Microsoft’s partners can take advantage of it.

Recommended eLearning                                                                        

The eLearning team has put together their top eLearning picks for selected topics, to help you focus and achieve your learning goals as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Windows Essential Business Server 2008

Labcast: Implementing and Administering Windows Essential Business Server 2008 (Technical, 1 day)

Partnercast: Increase your revenue Opportunity with EBS 2008 (Sales, 8 minutes)

Web Seminar: Deploying Windows Mobile 6 with Windows Essential Business Server 2008 (Technical, 1 hour)

Web Seminar: 5W/50 Series - Prescriptive Guidance on How to Add Windows Essential Business Server to Your Infrastructure Practice

Web Seminar: 5W/50 Series - The Small and Midsize Business Server Platform: Which Is Right for Your Customer? (Sales, 1 hour)

Note: Additional Sales & Technical EBS 2008 Training Available.

SQL Server 2008

Labcast: Updating Your Skills to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (Technical, 1 day)

Partnercast: How to Sell SQL 2008 to Enterprise Customers (Sales, 9 minutes)

Partnercast: How to Sell SQL 2008 to Small and Medium Business Customers (Sales, 8 minutes)

Live Web Seminar (6/11/2009): SQL76PAL: Emerge Stronger with Business Intelligence & SQL Server 2008 (Sales, 1 hour)

Web Seminar Series: Architecting a SQL Server Analysis Services Solution for Business Intelligence (Technical, 8-part)

Note: Additional Sales & Technical SQL Server 2008 Training Available.

Web Development

Labcast: XAML for Designers: XAML, WPF and Silverlight for Professional Designers (Technical, 4 hours)

Partnercast: Web Development Series - Improving Your Customer's E-Commerce Presence (Sales, 15 minutes)

Partnercast: Web Development Series - Digital Marketing and Social Media (Sales, 15 minutes)

Web Seminar: Silverlight Fundamentals Part 1: Introduction to Silverlight (Technical, 1 hour)

Web Seminar: Microsoft Expression Fundamentals Series Part 1: Design (Technical, 1 hour)

Note: Additional Silverlight & Expression Training Available.

SharePoint Server - Business Builder

Live Web Seminar (6/9/2009): Ideas to Maximize Solution Value, Enhance Client Proposal Preparation and Increase Client Satisfaction, Can You Make "1+ 1 = 3"? (Sales, 1 hour)

Web Seminar: Guidance in Applying SharePoint to Example Prospects Pain Points (Sales, 1 hour)

Web Seminar: Insight into Real World Partner Success, How to Partner Efficiently With Others and How to Partner With Other Products (Sales, 1 hour)

Web Seminar: Assistance in Creating a Sales and Marketing Strategy to Help You Increase Sales (Sales, 1 hour)

Note: Additional Business Builder Resources.

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