When faced with a choice between presentation technologies which do you choose?  This is not an easy question for many of us to answer without a good bit of time-consuming research.  Well help is here.

First, I’d like to direct your attention to a Patterns and Practices white paper titled Cheat Sheet: Presentation Technology Matrix.  The objectives of this paper is to help you:

  • Understand the tradeoffs for each presentation technology choice.
  • Understand the design impact of choosing a presentation technology.
  • Understand all presentation technologies across application types.
  • Choose a presentation technology for your scenario and application typeCodePlex

Second, I want to point you to a new whitepaper that went public today that our good friends at Wintellect prepared for Microsoft on the programmatic differences between Silverlight 2.0 and WPF – and how to write good code that will share well between the two platforms.  The paper, called Microsoft WPF-Silverlight Comparison Whitepaper is available on Codeplex here or you can download the PDF version here. Check it out!

Both articles should go a long way in helping you decide on a presentation technology to meet your specific application needs.

Happy reading!