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IPv6 Survival Guide

IPv6 Survival Guide

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Check out the IPv6 Survival Guide here:


Joe Davies created a great Wiki page here. It has 42 revisions from over 5 people:

You can check out the activity here in the History tab:

Here's a note about one of Luigi's additions:


Luigi Bruno edited Revision 31. Comment: Links to some Microsoft Knowledge Base articles talking about IPv6


And then the other method to updating an article is to mention the issue in the comments, like Peter did here:

, Mon, Nov 22 2010 10:38 PM

Hi Joe,

the article "Introduction to IP Version 6" refers to

Correct would be without "social". I tried to edit the site and remove "social" but it is not included in the link itself. Can you correct the link?


Peter Forster | MVP Virtual Machine | Austria

Joe then updated that link a few days later.


Jump on in! The Wiki is warm!

   - Ninja Ed (Blog, Wiki, Profile)


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