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User Ed is a Microsoft blog written by a Senior Customer Program Manager, Ed Price. Ed enjoys Customer Engagement, UX Design, Small Basic, Visual Studio, Power BI, TechNet Wiki, and general education around Microsoft products. Oh, and I'm Awesome.

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  • Blog Post: 30 Days of... What?

    30 Days? Yes, 30 days. You can come back to this page at any time to select a different "30 Days of" topic. Why 30 days? I don't know, a month's worth of posts seemed like a solid commitment to cover a topic thoroughly, but I wanted to spread it out over time since I've got better things to do than...
  • Blog Post: About User Ed

    User Ed is a blog written by a User Education professional, Ed Price. On this blog, I will typically write on a topic for 30 days in my "30 Days of..." series (such as " 30 Days of Integrated Assistance "). The basic idea is that I will write 3 blog posts a week for 10 weeks on that topic, totaling...
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