Earlier in my post I outlined the key announcements we made at MIX07. I would like to elobrate on that little bit.

The announcement  were around API suite for

  • Windows Live Space API
  • Windows Live Contacts API
  • Windows Live Presence API
  • Windows Live Messenger Web IM API
  • Microsoft Vitual Earth API
  • Windows Live ID API

Simple and Consistent new business terms with two pricing offers

- Free unlimited commercial offering with full commercial terms license for startups, small/ medium businesses, enthusiasts, hobbyists,bloggers

      750,000 free Live Search API queries per site per month

- Paid Commerical Offering for larger sites with more than 1 million unique users per month

  • Advertising supported Offer: 

               Free unlimited access to all services, Revenue sharing with site owner

  • Non-Advertising supported Offer:

                  $0.25 per unique user per year for unlimited API access, Paid CPM pricing on Liv Search API

Visit  http://dev.live.com to learn more about the APIs.

So here are some exciting times to play with Windows Live APIs.