Hello from TechReady6 or "Where's my ISV AE?"

Hello from TechReady6 or "Where's my ISV AE?"

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So, this past week I'm sure many of you have been wondering where your ISV AE has been.  Perhaps you called and got a voicemail message telling you they were out, or you've emailed and gotten back a nice OOF message.  Well, we've all been holed up in Seattle since Saturday morning for our annual (it's actually semi-annual but we each only attend once a year) internal training/readiness event called TechReady. 

TechReady is a Microsoft event that brings about 6000 of Microsoft's field people together for training from the product groups.  We spend a week hanging out in sessions learning about what's coming, or, in some cases, just catching up with what's out there already.  Here's a few of the people we've been picking the brains of this week:

  • Anders Hejlsberg
  • Scott Guthrie
  • Scott Hanselman
  • Rob Tiffany
  • Brian Harry
  • Steve Ballmer
  • Bill Gates
  • and many others

While we were he we used our one free night to have a team meeting.  I recorded just a quick one minute video of out entertainment for the night, provided by our very own Patrick Foley.  Here's a clip:


  • Intonation is the first thing to go. Or maybe it was the rhythm.

    Ah well, my job doesn't leave me time to practice ...

  • you're intonation is fine (provided you intended to play in E)  :-)

    you freakin' rock, man!

  • So I’m up here in Redmond at TechReady. It’s a super secret event that we get to go to once

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