Kevin Moore (formerly a PM on the WPF team) published a really great set of utilities and demos he called the "WPF Bag of Tricks".  Despite my ongoing interest in WPF, I was unaware of where to find this up until recently, and in my own unscientific polling, many of the WPF enthusiasts amongst the ISVs I work with were unaware of it as well.

I'd like to help remedy that.

You can find the WPF Bag of Tricks up on  Therein, you'll find some nice general purpose and specialized samples suitable for reuse in your apps and complete with source code and the right to reuse it, including:

  • a handy calendar and date picker control
  • a nice graph (of the node and edge variety) explorer
  • a great demo of how to do interactive 3D using the new WPF 3.5 features
  • a whole bunch of other general goodness

 I hope Kevin will continue with this, but regardless, I think you'll benefit greatly from checking out what they make possible for WPF.