by Venkat Krishnamachari

This post is about Microsoft's efforts in making tools and resources available for

Independent Software Vendors, System Integrators & Customers while migrating to

Windows Server 2008. IT customers prefer low-maintenance applications.

Incorporating recommended practices into development cycle can jumpstart sales,

speed market deployment, help reduce support costs, and boost customer satisfaction.


Edited to add this Important note: On free money!

If your application is ready to be tested and Certified before Launch of Windows Server

2008 (Feb 27, 2008) Microsoft can help subsidize your testing and certification costs.

Some conditions apply. For more information contact the Logo early access team immediately

by sending an email to


Contents of this blog

    • Logo Certification and application compatibility.
    • The good,better and best of demonstrating quality of your application.

Logo Certification and application compatibility.

Microsoft has made several resources and tools available for Solution developers create

better solutions that run on Windows Server Operating systems. Some of them are listed

below in this article.

1) Windows Server 2008 Application Compatibility cookbook  - Download

The Cookbook covers the most common application compatibility issues and provides tips

on how to modify applications or redesign them to help provide a quality experience with

Windows Server 2008 and/or the Windows Vista operating system.

2)Top 10 Issues for Developing Applications on Windows Server 2008 Download

This document details the top 10 compatibility issues when developing applications for

Windows Server 2008.

3)Works with Tool Download

This highly-automated tool will help quickly determine baseline compatibility with

Windows Server 2008.

4) System State Analyzer Tool Download

Create two snapshots of fixed drives, registry settings, drivers, and services at different

points in time and compare them to view differences.

5) Certification Tool Download

A wizard style tool to help walk thru the requirements and tests in the Certification

program. Users can take advantage of the built-in automation and results tracking

features and collaborate and track progress easily.

The good,better and best of demonstrating quality of your application.

Here are the ways in which application's quality and compatibility can be highlighted to

Customers and the world:


Tell Customers about the application's readiness for Windows Server 2008

Announce compatibility by signing up on | Announce here


Achieve the 'Works with Windows Server 2008' designation for the application

Use and benefit from the "Works with Tool".

Download here

Sign up for the program and receive the 'Works with Windows Server 2008' designation for the application.


Get the application Logo Certified for Windows Server 2008

Use and benefit from the "Certification Tool" and sign up to Certify the application to achieve the "Certified For Windows Server 2008" Logo. More details on the Windows Server 2008 application compatibility and Logo program is available here: Innovate On Windows Server.

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