Innovate on Windows Server

by Venkat Krishnamachari

Windows Server 2008 Logo program and Application Compatibility

To help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), independent hardware vendors (IHVs), independent software vendors (ISVs) and other developers build solutions that IT professionals can deploy immediately with confidence, Microsoft created the Windows Server 2008 Logo Program.

Windows Server 2008 software certification program comprises of technical requirements that independently confirm an application’s compliance with best practices for compatibility, security, reliability and availability on the server Operating System. The certification identifies top-performing technologies that are ready to deploy in mission-critical environments.  The program features two designations – the “Works with Windows Server 2008” designation ensures that an application is in compliance with best practices for the most common Windows Server 2008 functions, while the “Certified for Windows Server 2008” logo supports rigorous standards for stability, security, reliability and overall performance.

Quality of applications running on the Operating System greatly impacts Customer Satisfaction for Windows. Logo certification helps identify and highlight high quality applications. In addition to encouraging customers to look for the logo when they make purchasing decisions, we have done something new for Windows Server 2008.

Microsoft has made the same tools that ISVs use to test their products for compatibility available to IT professionals so that they can test both commercial applications and custom applications they’ve developed in-house. By developing and making such tools available Microsoft aims to make it easier for Software developers and testers to achieve the high quality certification bar.

Below are the three main tools from the Windows server Logo team for Certification and compatibility testing:

Works with Tool is a wizard style tool that can help determine application’s compatibility in Enterprise environments in around 4 hours.

Certification Tool is a self test tool that encompasses all requirements and tests in the ‘Certified’ program.

Windows System State Analyzer is an utility that can help create snapshots of Windows file system, registry, drivers and services. Snapshots can be compared to determine state changes.

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