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Vance Morrison is currently an Architect on the .NET Runtime Team, specializing in performance issues with the runtime or managed code in general.

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  • Blog Post: Analysis of Reader-Writer lock

    In my last post I posted readerWriterDemo.cs which is an implementation of a Reader-Writer lock. I held it up as an example of good design of a concurrent data structure. I want to now show you a bit of what my thinking was when it was designed and what the important properties it has. Before you read...
  • Blog Post: Low-Lock Techniques in action: Implementing a Reader-Writer lock

    In my article What Every Dev Must Know About Multithreaded Apps I discuss the fundamental principles of using locks correctly. In that article I strongly encourage the use of reader-writer locks because these locks create the protection you need (insuring that readers and writers don't conflict), while...
  • Blog Post: Two articles on concurrent programming I wrote

    This is just a quick plug for two articles that I wrote for MSDN magazine a few months back. They are What Every Dev Must Know About Multithreaded Apps Understand the Impact of Low-Lock Techniques in Multithreaded Apps The first article, as its title suggests, is what I think every...
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