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Vance Morrison is currently an Architect on the .NET Runtime Team, specializing in performance issues with the runtime or managed code in general.

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  • Blog Post: Information for My Beginning Programming Course Using Python

    Well I am doing it again and teaching a beginning programming course to a set of high school students. I did this 5 years ago when my son was the correct age (see my BouncingBalls post), and I started doing it again last year as part of TEALS effort. This year as part of Prime Factor Programming Classes...
  • Blog Post: Intro to Programming Excercise: Bouncing Balls

    This article is the beginning of a new 'Introduction to Programming' topic for my blog. The BouncingBalls example. Basically, I have decided to try to teach programming to a set of teenagers from my son's junior high school, and this topic will be a set of instruction materials for that 'course'....
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