• varunm

    Remove Unwanted HTTP Response Headers

    The purpose of this blog post is to discuss how to remove unwanted HTTP response headers from the response. Typically we have 3 response headers which many people want to remove for security reason. Server - Specifies web server version. X-Powered-By...
  • varunm

    Bind multiple sites on same IP address and Port in SSL

      Until IIS 7.5, the major limitation of IIS is that IIS will allow you to bind only one site for one IP: Port combination using an SSL certificate.  If you try to bind a second site on the IP address to the same certificate, IIS will give you...
  • varunm

    Understanding of MVC Page Life Cycle

    When you invoke an action in an MVC application, everything happens as if you were simply calling a method in the controller class. How do we go from an http request to a method invocation with arguments? I will try here to describe everything that happens...
  • varunm

    How to create custom Certificate Trust List in Windows Server 2K8 R2

      In windows server 2003 server we can create our own custom certificate trust list using the UI in IIS to bind the CTL to the SSL certificate. To check how we can add the custom CTL in IIS6 please follow the following link http://www.microsoft.com...
  • varunm

    All about Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

    The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a commonly used protocol for managing the security of a message transmission on the internet. SSL has recently been succeeded by Transport layer Security (TLS), which is based on SSL. SSL uses the program layer located...
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