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II Rotor workshop, day 1

II Rotor workshop, day 1

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Cool first day of workshop.

Extremely interesting, I never followed with attention the Rotor Community phenomena and it seems really something. A lot of interesting idea came out, especially about the foreseable future of programming languages. I especially liked the description of the poliphonic C# language model and the various dissertations about the advantages of generating code via partial evaluation: I had to shake away some rust from my brain to fetch back the notion of lambda-calculus, but I managed :-)

A colorful note: an ILtoSmartLego translator was demonstrated, with a custom VS.NET wizard that uploaded and controlled the movement of a Lego robot crawling around the legs of the first line of people... beeeellllo :-)

  • I'm curious to learn more about the ILtoSmartLego. If you get more details, please post it again in your BLOG. I assume that this is a .NET implementation for controlling the Lego Mindstorm Robotics System?
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