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WiFi Adoption & commuting in Tuscany

WiFi Adoption & commuting in Tuscany

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The beauty of managing to go to work by train is that you can happily keep your tablet on, ehr well, your lap, and do your stuff (unless there's a pack of children on an excursion that force you to make a demo of the tablet, of course :-) ). That has the side effect of gathering all access point names on the way, if you have WiFi discovery on.
Well: last year, around Christmas, on the line Pistoia-Florence (Rifredi) there were 3 hotspots from companies along the railways line (all unintentional, I guess). After ayear today I checked again, and guess what? There are 24 access points!!!!!!! Man, that gives a new meaning to the word "adoption" :-)
I look forward to the moment in which I'll have the net all the time...

  • 24 its totally saturated! OMG OMG OMG...
  • Well, not really, the distance is about 30 Km... the good part of it in nice, low-tech countryside. Playground for 3G I'd say ;-)
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