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How does the back of a window look like?

How does the back of a window look like?

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With the new Vista Carousel control we discover that Windows are not tied to a 2D plane, but they can happily spin around in 3D space. Probably thanks to a really bad digestion, yesterday I found myself wondering how the back of a window [should] look like: if you rotate it more than 180 degrees (or PI radians, depending on personal beliefs [:)]) around the Y axis, what do you expect to see? A pattern like the back of a playing card? The mirrored image of the front? Circuits? White noise? Some visuals a' la Matrix? A hole in the space-time continuum? Stickers of all the places where the app ran in the past? The signatures of all the SDEs and SDETs who worked on that particular window? A view of yourself as seen from behind the monitor? A Plasma fractal with the Chrome palette, a' la Fractint? Maybe I should ask to my Vista Evangelists colleagues... or I should ask you! If you have ideas, send me images through the email function of the blog... I'll publish in a dedicated post the most suggestive [:-)]

P.S.: I know, I know, that's not very server side of me... but when I have those fantasies, you know I have to free them in the wild or they keep haunting me until I do so [:)]

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